JIM Mobile



Creative office Happiness generated a new campaign for Prepaid, the JIM Mobile prepaid formula offering ample data and call credit within the confines of the purchased stock. ‘Unlimited’ is what stood out to the brainstormers. Those among us in our forties will doubtless be reminded of 2 Unlimited and their hit song ‘No Limit’. The creative minds put forth the idea to use this 90s classic and modify it to suit the Prepaid promise. However, this time around the duo behind 2 Unlimited is heard singing ‘Yes, yes, yes, there is a limit!’, instead of ‘No Limit’.”

Client JIM Mobile – Medialaan
Agency Happiness Brussels
Design De Kwekerij
Production Vagebond
Creative Director Pieter Claeys
Director Tim Blancke
DOP Maximiliaan Dierickx
Sound Sonicville

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